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Book Michael Haaren or Christine Durst for Your Next Event

Bestselling authors and leaders in the work-at-home and entrepreneurship arena, Mike and Chris can inspire and inform your audience on a variety of topics. 

Together, Mike and Chris developed groundbreaking virtual-work and entrepreneurship training programs for such clients as the US Department of State, Air Force, Army, and many more. A small sampling of their frequent media appearances includes The Dr. Oz Show, ABC News 20/20, CNN, The Tyra Banks Show, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Forbes, and radio shows across the US.

Mike, who grew up in a log cabin in rural Virginia, went on to become a Wall Street attorney and corporate growth advisor, and has lived and traveled extensively abroad. Chris, who founded the Virtual Assistant industry circa 1995 and appears regularly on CNN, grew up on a small farm in rural Connecticut, where she learned invaluable lessons in real-world entrepreneurship.

Mike and Chris share their knowledge of virtual work and work / life balance at Staffcentrix-owned website www.RatRaceRebellion.com, a popular free source of screened home-based jobs and related resources.

Mike and Chris have also delivered their message to a wide range of audiences across the US and in Europe, including:

  • United Nations Division for Social Policy and Development
  • Chase Manhattan Bank
  • The President's Committee on Employment of People With Disabilities
  • Small Business Administration
  • Association of Job Search Trainers
  • Department of Defense Spouse Employment Conference
  • National Association of REALTORS
  • Presidential Task Force on Employment of Adults with Disabilities
  • Department of Labor's Workforce Innovations Conference
  • US Air Force Europe
  • US Department of State
  • Families In Global Transition Conference
  • Community Colleges
  • The Aging Workforce Summit (sponsored by Microsoft)
  • Numerous US military installations


"Home-Based Career & Telework Jobs Development Program™"
With so many scams in the work-at-home arena, it's hard for job seekers to know how to find and land legitimate jobs, and how to avoid the con artists.

Based on our bestselling book Work at Home Now, this 5-6 hour program will teach participants to:
  • Determine if they are a good candidate for home-based work;
  • Conduct effective home-based job searches online;
  • Use search terms that really work;
  • Find “telework-friendly” companies that routinely hire home-based workers;
  • Recognize common scams and ripoffs;
  • Customize their resume to make them a more appealing “remote” hire;
  • Work effectively with children in the house;
  • Understand the differences between working as an employee and a contractor.

"Stubbing Your Toe on the Moon"
A program for entrepreneurs who are reaching for the stars! This inspirational program delivers pearls of wisdom (and words of wit) gathered by Chris and Mike as they launched and grew Staffcentrix and mentored/trained over 7,500 entrepreneurs from 65+ countries around the world. A perfect topic for prospective and practicing entrepreneurs who need to be reminded that "stubbing your toe on the moon" is a far greater accomplishment than never having reached for the stars at all.

“Let the Magic Begin”
Developed for middle and high school students, this speech is based on the concept that entrepreneurs are the artists and magicians of the business world. It inspires younger audiences to embrace their entrepreneurial side and remember that there’s more to life than the rat race! It gently points out that conventional jobs and career paths are but one option in the working world. “When we keep our creative flame alive we can transform our lives and those of others, and bring positive changes to the world we all share.” 

"Making a Living & Having a Life"
This interactive program challenges the audience to disregard the "success yardstick" imposed on us by society and to define success on their own terms. Inspirational anecdotes and practical exercises help participants determine what their core values are, so they can build a "whole life" approach to making a life – and a living. After all, it's not about "having it all"; it's about "having it good"!

Living Leaving the *DISTINCTIVE Lifestyle
First, there were “Yuppies” (young, urban professionals), next came the “Dinks” (dual income, no kids), who were followed by the “Sitcoms” (single income, two children, oppressive mortgage).

Just when you thought demographic acronyms had become a thing of the past, you now find yourself sitting in a sea of commuter traffic, surrounded by expensive cars with vanity plates and cell phone-wielding drivers behind every steering wheel. These are the *DISTINCTIVEs - Dual Income Striving To Impress Neighbors & Co-workers yet Tormented by Increasing Vexation & Emptiness.

Our "Leaving the DISTINCTIVE Lifestyle™" presentation takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the growing “mall, sprawl and crawl” of contemporary America. It’s loaded with provocative facts, opinions, and questions about what happens when valuables take precedence over values. Ultimately, the program is delivered with a reassuring tone that invites audience members – "Distinctives" and otherwise – to laugh at themselves, and will leave them feeling confident of their ability to choose the life path that is best for them.

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